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    SLT is a rising star in lighting source  industry. Established in the end of 2008,SLT has developed to be a qualified supplier and has rich resources in molding , machining, electroplating, pasting processing .It is a Hi-tech. Company ,Which mainly produces energy-saving lights and LED luminaries as well as other kinds of lighting source and combines research, design, production, marketing in one . With a team of senior technicians, enterprise administrators, advanced fully-automated production lines and check-out equipments, SLT has an annual production of 2,000,000 PCS lighting source of various kinds. We will ,as we have always done, strived by the belief of setting up a first-class brand ,producing high-quality products and providing best service for our customers , forge ahead indefatigably.
Company policy:products quality stability and customers satisfaction

management philosophy:technology make life better and rich .

Management tenet:quality first ,customers priority

Management policies:integrity and sureness, teamwork and corporation pioneering and forging ahead, business continuity.

1.Build up a Chinese "OSRAM" in lighting source field through technologic innovation. All faculty and staff in SLT will work hard and continuously improve to catch up with and even surpass the advanced world levels .SLT will change the technology advantage into manufacturing one, finally becoming a leading enterprise of this field.

2.Vigorously executing brand building and promotion, "SLT"aims to transit from being the symbol of high quality products to the representative of superior brand, from international market-oriented successor to both the domestic and international market successor. Facing the trend of global energy economy ,we should grasp the new opportunities ahead of us and make the most of them :to promote the energy-saving lighting, to develop and push more energy-saving luminaries to the international market ,to set up image of brand both in domestic and overseas market through brand operation ,to combine the brand promotion and marketing ,to alternate manufacture with construction ,finally becoming the real world famous brand .

3.SLT`s development has condensed painstaking effort of all colleague ,whose takeoff need to make the most of vaster resources .Due to the fact that light source industry is a new type of technology-intensive and fund-intensive high-tech industry, every movement including research and development of new products ,promotion of new technology ,building and  management of brand ,needs to take great efforts. Wished heartily that the society and affiliated enterprises would jointly support SLT , work together with SLT to make contribution to the environmental protection work of human being and create a first-class engine for the electric light source industry in the world.


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